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Uncommonsense is not found in common places, hence the creation of this online bazaar. Every resource here provides unconventional insights for an exceptional life outside the confines of the status quo. If you're seeking more from life, look no further. Here's to an uncommon life – a life on your terms.

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Kim Chandler McDonald

"In my position as founder and editor of the Innovation Interview series, I have had the good fortune to interview many interesting Innovators - all leaders in the fields - from around the world. Kent stands out as extremely inspiring, gracious and with a great generosity of spirit."

- Kim Chandler McDonald, Executive Vice President, Flat World Navigator

Rebecca Zorowit

"I cannot even tell you how impressive your writing is, in addition to, your drive, dedication, determination and most significantly, productivity... It's truly astonishing!!!"

- Rebecca Zorowitz, Vice President of Ooh La La Candy

Bryan Hwang

"Kent has provided me through his work the tools to develop my entrepreneurial skills. I highly recommend Kent's work for any striving entrepreneur looking to grow professionally and personally. Not only is Kent a great asset to a business, but to society as well."

- Bryan Hwang, Consultant,

Paula Woodley

"Kent is exceptionally bright, an incredible writer and is driven more than anyone else I have ever known. He has depth and maturity far beyond his years -- but what is most impressive to me is his understanding of people, his grasp business principles, and his genuine kindness to others."

- Paula Woodley, Lecturer, University of Southern California

Wendy Harrington

Dynamic and determined, Kent certainly walks his talk. His rounded approach to life is refreshing, encompassing both our inner and outer worlds. He has helped and continues to help many people achieve the success and peace they are searching for, through speaking, coaching, his books and events.

- Wendy Harrington, Author, Owner, & Therapist at Wendy Harrington

Susan Taylor Suchy

A great role model and mentor to everyone, young and old. He inspires me constantly!

- Susan Taylor Suchy, Instructor of Sciptwriting, Creative Writing at Saddleback College

Tyler C. Stevens

"Kent is an inspiration to work with. He is wise beyond his years and brings that wisdom to everything he does. A creative, talented and insightful writer and speaker, Kent is an irreplaceable asset."

- Tyler C. Stevens, Student

Shane Underwood

"Dude, your book changed my life!!!"

- Shane Underwood, Student

Jack Canfield

"I've read a lot of books for young people, but this is the best one yet! I wish I had "Cool Stuff" when I was younger. It's a guaranteed blueprint for building a lifetime of fulfilling relationships, happiness, and financial success starting now!"

- Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

Richard Carlson

"This book is a real gem. In my opinion, it's a must read for all teens and anyone who cares about teens-parents, friends, grandparents, etc. It's a mentor in a book. I would have benefited greatly by reading this book as a teen."

- Richard Carlson, Ph.D Author of the "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" series

Mark Victor Hansen

"Kent expresses his message with enthusiasm, love, light, energy, and insight. Travel as far as you need to hear his lasting brilliance. I love him and all the good he is doing."

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

Allie Dilbeck

"You really put a spin on my world today by inspiring me to actually try and achieve my dreams... and not only trying but actually believing I can try!"

- Allie Dilbeck, Student

Evan Stewart

"Coming out of High School into the real world was a hard step for me. Your book taught me a lot even though I have been living on my own for a while. I feel like I have the confidence to start the online business I always wanted. Thanks again."

- Evan Stewart, Budding entrepreneur

Kelsey S

"This book isn't like other kinds of books. It is way cooler and tells you information that is actually USEFUL!"

- Kelsey S, Student

Valeria Galian

"Thank you for writing your book ... Oh my gosh ... It's the best I have ever read. I just can't put it down!!! It's the most popular book here at school. When you release a new book, trust me, I'll be looking for it."

- Valeria Galian, Student



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$ 99.00 each

At the heart of Kiwanis, we have always wanted to help young people become happy, successful, and contributing members of society. Well, this new and exciting program allows us to accomplish this goal with incredible ease, impact, and cost effectiveness. This is where you can purchase the highly anticipated Kiwanis Leadership Package.


  1. In the domestic United States, sales tax and shipping will be waived on this Kiwanis package only.
  2. We recommend you purchase this package as a stand-alone transaction. In other words, if you wish to purchase other products, please return to TheUncommonLife Store after purchase your Kiwanis Leadership Package.
  3. If you are ordering outside of the US, please click the "International Checkout" button as you are checking out. Please keep in mind, tax and shipping will apply.



Kent Healy, young author and founder of Cool Stuff Media, Inc. has offered to team up with Kiwanis to provide a powerful Leadership Program. For individual or group study, will contain at least ten articles written by Kent with two articles added monthly. These articles may be published free by Kiwanis. The website also contains testimonials of the books from world-famous authors, Kiwanians, school administrators, teachers, young adults, teenagers, etc. Kent Healy teleconferences also may be arranged.

"Cool Stuff" They Should Teach in School has been read and used by students, teachers, and parents for 8 years with phenomenal results. The products are proven to work, which is another reason Kiwanis has backed this project with confidence.

The clubs in your District can participate in this program if your District Board permits the program information to be distributed.

Access to and participation in the Kiwanis-CoolStuff Leadership Program are free for class, group or individual study, and can be used by Kiwanis clubs to assist their club and other organizations adopt and complete activities serving youth, education and leadership programs.
Participation in the Leadership Book Program is at the option of each club.


{tab=What's included?}

The Kiwanis-CoolStuff Leadership Program contains:

  • 14 Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School (CSTSTIS) books – This is a top-selling life-skills mentor in a book that was written and designed by young people. It has become required reading in a number of schools. [ has five printed chapters available free for download.]
  • 1 Cool Stuff Coaching Course (CSCC) books – This book is a course guide and workbook that helps students take what they read and learn from CSTSTIS and apply it through cleverly designed exercises. [ has three printed chapters available free for download.]
  • At least ten articles written by Kent with two articles added monthly.*

The retail value on this package is over $225! And these books can be used again and again to educate and inspire each and every young person who has the chance to use them.

These books can be used time and time again to inspire and educate teenagers, young adults and parents. In addition, the Kiwanis-CoolStuff Leadership Program remains available free, and the additional book chapters not on the Internet will be very beneficial in the study and discussion of Kent Healy’s monthly and featured articles obtainable on

"Cool Stuff" They Should Teach in School has been read and used by students, young adults, teachers, administrators and parents for many years with phenomenal results. The products are proven to work, which is another reason Kiwanis is backing this project.

If you find that these books have a positive impact (and we're confident you will), please feel free to browse the rest of our teen life-skills products.

* The articles written by Kent may be published free [with proper credit to editors and source] by Kiwanis International, districts and its youth organizations and the similar Kiwanis partnership organization groups. 



All 15 books are available here, in this store, exclusively to Kiwanis for only $99. This includes shipping and taxes (if applicable) for the domestic United States. Keep in mind, the retail value of this package is over $225! And the best part is these books can be used time and time again to inspire and educate young people.

If you are ordering outside of the US, please click the "International Checkout" button as you are checking out. Please note that tax and shipping will apply.


{tab=Who is it for?}

The Kiwanis-CoolStuff Leadership Program provides an excellent opportunity for Kiwanis clubs and their partnership organizations to fulfill their objectives and implement new community services. This education and leadership program is free and ideal for:

  • Teenagers and young adults for class, group or individual study
  • Parents for discussion with their children or as class or group leaders or participants 
  • Kiwanis and partnership organization members to lead or participate in class or group Leadership Programs 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs and members, implementing the Kiwanis partnership agreement 
  • Boy Scouts and Girls Scout units and members [Kiwanis also has a partnership agreement with Boy Scouts] 
  • Circle K, Builders and Key Club members, including the development of student-tutors to teach younger students 
  • Worldwide study for persons learning English as a second language 
  • Teachers to quickly organize and present a one-hour class-study program, primarily from Kent Healy’s articles on 
  • Class, group and individual studies that are simplified for attitude, goal setting and objectives, with full chapters in both books available on 
  • The study of peer pressure, money management and finance with full chapters available on 
  • Company or organization education and leadership training for employees and especially for potential leaders    
  • AVID or other college preparatory programs, mainly as texts and in class discussions. 
  • Home study, public or private school education and leadership programs 
  • Unwed mother organizations, continuation schools, half-way homes and drug rehab facilities 
  • High school orientation programs 
  • After-school and public library education and leadership programs 

This leadership program can be applied and taught by teachers, parents, Kiwanians, Kiwanis partnership members, business and professional executives, retired teachers and others, but very importantly, teenager and young adult tutors. This unique program continually is enhanced by the Kent Healy articles published on, current Kiwanis-family publications, teleconferences, and other methods of current and future communications.

This is a perfect tool to help Kiwanis make a real difference. It can build Kiwanis memberships from the officers of the above organizations and in the future from current program participants.

Use of also is free, and it can be used to assist the programs listed above and those serving youth, education and leadership activities.

Participation in the Book Leadership Program is optional.



Almost everyday we receive emails from readers ages 9 - 75 commenting how this book has helped them become more confident and prepared for success in the real world. We also regularly receive testimonials from parents and educators who have thanked us for writing this book. With the right exposure to customers, this book always sells quickly. When a Borders® bookstore displayed this book at the front of their store it remained the best-selling book in their store for three weeks—outselling The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter. It's true, "Everyone knows someone who needs this book!" This book has also been adopted by many schools across the country as required reading.


"I've read a lot of books for young people, but this is the best one yet!"

- Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series


"This book is a real gem. In my opinion, it's a must read for all young people and anyone who cares about them!"

- Richard Carlson, Ph.D., Author of the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series


"COOL STUFF is a unique book for teens in that it is both delightfully readable and absolutely important to today’s middle and high school students.  Kent and Kyle Healy’s sub title – “They Should Teach at School” – tells it all.  The “stuff” in this book is incredibly important to youngsters who are about to enter the adult world but, sadly, it ISN’T being taught in America’s schools. Practical life skills adults take for granted are presented to the youthful readers in a style with which all teens can identify. I highly recommend COOL STUFF to parents, teachers and school administrators alike.  If, after forty years in education, I can pick up this book, enjoy reading it and actually learn things from it, think what an important tool this could become if used by more of our teen learners!"

- Robert W. Bruesch
Garvey School District Board of Trustees
National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee, 1997
Past Mayor, City of Rosemead


"If there were one book to give your teenager, “Cool Stuff” should be the one."

- Link Up Parents, Book review


"I have completed a basic review of Kent's and Kyle's book for students. I believe that it has a great deal of potential to help many students."

- Jeff Dimsdale, Ph. D.
Chair, Service Leadership Committee, Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha District
Professor, Dean and Vice President at Orange Coast College (33 years, now retired),
Author of nine textbooks


"Your book is really a driving force for me to keep going, and to stay focused. You guys rock."

- Mandy, 16


"Oh my gosh… [your book] is the best I have ever read, I just can't put it down!!! You know what, if you get a new book out, trust me I'll be looking for it… I have recommended it to many of my friends and now it's the most popular book here at school."

- Valeria, 15


"Your book taught me a lot even now that I am 25 and have been living on my own for a while. I feel like I have the confidence to start the online business I always wanted. Thanks again!"

- Evan, 25


I am a mother of three boys and I want to say first thank you for your great book.  When kids hear the message from someone their own age, it seems to have a much deeper effect than just hearing it from their parents.  I had purchased the book for my oldest son and he couldn't put the book down until it was finished and he refers to it all the time. I thought that when I was growing up 'things were difficult', but when I see what our boys are being faced with on a day-day basis, even with placing them in great schools and family-based neighborhood, they need reinforcements and tools in making good decisions.  I have purchased so many of your books for family and friends, and it has helped 'turn around' two very close friends' kids that 'were going down the wrong path'.   Your message is clear and to the point and just what teenage kids need in today's society.  

- Trish Keenan

For video testimonials from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen [co-developers of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series; each one, jointly or individually, has authored more than 110,000,000 books that have been sold], see Videos on 

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